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Thirteen years after getting a call from Vince Gill that changed her life, Ashley Monroe paid him back, starting off the musical tribute to the man named BMI Icon Moncler Outlet at the 2014 BMI Country Awards in Nashville Tuesday night.

"When I was 15 years http://www.moncleronsales.com/ old, Vince called me on the phone and asked if I wanted to get together to write with him," Monroe told PEOPLE moments after bringing Gill and hundreds of others to their feet with her plaintive rendition of his mournful classic "Whenever You Come Around."

"He invited me to meet him for breakfast the next day so we could talk first. I was so nervous and excited but when I hung up, I realized I had forgotten to tell him I didn't have a driver's license yet," she recalled. "I had to call him the next morning and ask him to pick me up. He did. And now he's producing my records!"