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Let us take a trip back in time, back through the Me Decade and the Love Generation, back to a half-forgotten time of crew cuts and panty girdles and saddle shoes. Back to that fun decade, the '50s, when Ike was President and Rocky Marciano was champ and heaven was a Buick with the top down. Naah, let's go instead to Ed Debevic's diner in Beverly Hills, where the  at least a designer's version of once again in all their Naugahydian glory.

For instance, there's the ock from the years when they still had the hang of it: Chantilly Lace, Splish Splash and Tutti Frutti, pounding out from primitive tabletop jukeboxes. And the http://www.moncleronsales.com/ waiters and waitresses look familiar uncool archetypes of that dear dead decade.

By tapping into the Moncler Jackets Outlet collective semiconscious of an entire generation, Ed Debevic's has become hotter than watching submarine races. Open only since May, it has already attracted big names. Tom Cruise threw a 25th-birthday party there for Emilio Estevez. Eddie Murphy likes the last booth on the right. Even Donna Rice has dined chez Debevic.

Debevic's is the brainchild of Chicago restaurateur Richard Melman, who opened the first Ed's in Phoenix four years ago. There are five of them now, the Beverly Hills branch being the newest. "I wanted to recapture the teenage years in a restaurant," says Melman, who is 45 and lived through the '50s at an impressionable age. "I wanted it to be real; I didn't just want it full of Elvis posters."